Wow, let me tell you, there are not enough hours in a day. I’ve been pretty bummed out about being absent from my blog the last few weeks. I’ve been so hard at work (well, at home) and still have so many unfinished projects! For example, I still have magnets to finish, mini piñatas, and I have started at least three other projects!


The most time consuming I would have to say is this big 3D “1” model I am making for Ella’s party. I realize that the cardboard model picture itself isn’t very appealing, but I promise it looks 100% better with the flowers on it! It’s currently about 80% done, and what I’ve done is cut out a box and used my trusty hot glue gun to glue the pieces together. So far I have made over 60 tissue carnations and glued them on, creating the most beautiful floral effect. It is almost unbearably time consuming making these tiny flowers, but now that it is near completion, its so worth all the work I’ve put into it.

Another thing I have in the works right now is party invitations! I cant remember if I said before, but I am hand painting each and every one of them. I will also be writing them out by hand with a calligraphy pen. I also may or may not be using my sewing machine on these cards, we’ll let it be a surprise. 😉




Aside from all of this birthday planning, I managed to squeeze in photographing a baby shower today. The whole thing was just magical, and filled with Minnie Mouse! It was a very large gathering and the setup was just so fun! The mother-to-be was glowing and so beautiful. All of this time spent on focusing on the party and decorations itself just made me even more excited to get in the final stages of Ella’s party!



Another thing we’ve covered in the last month; Ella turned 10 months old! We went with a vintage theme for this mini photo shoot, and I was nothing short of in love with how every single picture turned out. There are probably at least 50 pictures on my camera that I don’t think I will ever bring myself to delete because she was so precious with this vintage setup!


Vintage Buttons!






Most of my childhood was spent with my great grandmother. The one thing about most great grandmothers, is that they almost never update their decor, and for that I’m thankful. One of my favorite things in her house were these gorgeous buttons. I will never forget how they were placed beautifully on a small antique scale atop an old shelf in her kitchen. I was always so tempted to touch them, but for some reason, I felt they were not meant to be tampered with.

Well today, my grandma decided to drop this holy grail of buttons off at my house. Immediately after she left, I began looking through and organizing them all. As I kept separating each one and putting them near other buttons alike, they started standing out more and more. Every single one of them is a beautiful little work of art.

Here is one of those moments where I wished I lived in a different time; a time when the smallest things were carefully crafted to stand out.