Handmade Number 1 Photo Prop

IMG_7216IMG_8334IMG_8329 Another project scratched off the list, and wow I am so happy this one is done. I decided today that I was just going to knock it out and go on to the next thing. Over 150 tissue flowers later and here we are. I do want to say that if you are looking to do this yourself, make sure you have a lot of time to do it. These flowers are no joke time consuming.

The final size of this ended up being 2 feet tall and 15″ wide.

In my previous post about this, I told of how I started the project. You can see from my beginning photo that all I used was cardboard and hot glue to make the 3D model. I wasn’t entirely neat about it all because I knew that all of it was just going to be covered. The main idea was just to get it in one piece and stable.

I ended up using about 2 packs of 20 sheet tissue paper 20 in x 20 in. I also saved myself a good amount of time by folding and cutting 3 sheets of tissue paper at a time.I made 3 sizes of flowers and gave some more layers than others; this gives it all a more natural and textured look. All of the light pink flowers have a rounded tip, and the fuchsia flowers are pointed. I’m not going into great detail on how to make these flowers because I know there are a ton of really great instructional videos on YouTube out there. So if you haven’t made these before, I strongly suggest “YouTube-ing” a how-to.

Also, if you like this project and time is an issue for you, you can always cut out tissue squares, twist them around a pencil, and glue them on. This will not look the same as what I have done here, but it is still very pretty!


The Invitations

IMG_8285IMG_8291 IMG_8292Well, here they are! I’m relieved to finally be able to show a finished product! You can see here that I made an accent card to compliment the invitation. The little girl represents Ella holding a small paint pallet. I also decided against using my sewing machine on these cards, as I thought they were beautiful as-is and it would only just take away from the design.

I painted the invitation and accent card with acrylics with a little help from my dip pen.

Father’s Day Shenanigans



Here is the Father’s Day card that Ella and I made for Christian. I found this elephant idea on Pintrest and totally had to do it. I think I underestimated how hard it would actually be to help a 9 month old write on paper. She wanted to hold the marker all by herself and there was more marker on her hands and legs than on the actual card itself!

Aside from the card, we ordered him a pair of Vans that he wanted from the new Rowley collection. Which I don’t even think will be here on time! *frown* Either way, he will be more than ecstatic about just getting a card. He likes the sentimental things more than anything. I really had to get the shoes though, I knew he wanted them and knew he wasn’t going to spend that much on a pair of shoes he was just going to ruin by skating in anyway. I just appreciate everything he does for us, and he works super hard to provide for us. Shoutout to all you other awesome dads out there, you’re awesome!