8 Reasons To Go Couchless

Couches… They occupy nearly every home in America; in fact, you’re probably sitting on one right now. Why do couches exist today? A man by the name of Jay Wellington Couch was a poor man who couldn’t afford a bed; he invented the couch back in 1885, nearly 130 years ago.


I was intrigued by the idea of “going couchless” when my friend Haley Hendrick posted this picture (above) of her living room on Instagram. It features two vintage Herman Miller chairs, a handmade coffee table, and a beautiful selfie painting that was gifted to her by Hannah Margaret Illustrations. I love how simple yet functional this design is. I had never heard of couchless living rooms until the moment I saw this beautiful space. It really got my thoughts turning; why do we really use couches?

  1. Lounge with family
  2. Relax or read
  3. Napping
  4. Watch television
  5. Sit on it because its there

Now that we have those things covered, lets get to the reasons to not have a couch.

1. Better Rest: People nap to get rest, and the best rest is going to be in the comfort of your own bed. Your couch might be a little more convenient, but you will wake up much more refreshed in your own bed.

2. Get More Housework Done: Let’s face it, the couch has given us another reason to be lazy and sit around. I am definitely guilty of this. Once you throw your feet up and lay back, its like sucking your motivation into a black hole.

3. Space Saver: Couches take up a great amount of space, especially sectionals. Unless you have a large family or a lot of friends, you don’t really need that much space for seating in your home.

4. Getting Creative: With the DIY community at an all time high, there are so many new ideas for seating. Hanging chairs may not be a new idea, but its a great one, and you can easily make it your own. Check out this beautiful design by Souraya Hassan.


5. Fun For The Kids: You may deny the fact that you can go without a couch because you have children in your home. You thought wrong! How long can you really get your kids to sit in one spot? While the hanging chair may or may not spark your interest for the kids, floor cushions are a great choice for children of most ages. IMG_0787-7

This blog shows a great tutorial on how to make floor cushions, or if you’d rather purchase one, Etsy offers a wide variety of handmade cushions.

6. The Flexibility: Chairs are easy to move around, and normally don’t need an extra hand in rearranging. Whether you’re vacuuming or redecorating, lightweight chairs will forever be your friend. They can also be fun to work into a design, and have unlimited options. There is only so much you can do with a couch.

7. The Good Kind Of Comfort: Nobody said you can’t still get comfy. If its comfort you’re looking for, this morning room designed by Kate James is a great example of getting comfy, but not too comfy.

mint-and-coral-decor-inspiration_12208. Cost: The cost of a new couch can get very pricey. Exploring with other seating can cost very little if you would like it to. Putting a great color scheme with the right accents can make a design look as if you blew a hole in your wallet. 60f23dbe07fd8992b16f7507f66fd6c7


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