Vintage Buttons!






Most of my childhood was spent with my great grandmother. The one thing about most great grandmothers, is that they almost never update their decor, and for that I’m thankful. One of my favorite things in her house were these gorgeous buttons. I will never forget how they were placed beautifully on a small antique scale atop an old shelf in her kitchen. I was always so tempted to touch them, but for some reason, I felt they were not meant to be tampered with.

Well today, my grandma decided to drop this holy grail of buttons off at my house. Immediately after she left, I began looking through and organizing them all. As I kept separating each one and putting them near other buttons alike, they started standing out more and more. Every single one of them is a beautiful little work of art.

Here is one of those moments where I wished I lived in a different time; a time when the smallest things were carefully crafted to stand out.


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