Closet Update!! (And other updates)

Hello, hello, I’m back again! What a crazy week this has been already! I have been working on these cute little Dr.Seuss pillows for my Etsy shop. Which these happened to be my first Etsy sale (yay)! You wouldn’t believe the excitement I got from getting one single sale. It literally happened just a couple of hours after I posted the ad. Check them out here!

pillowsAnyway, about the closet! I made time last week to do an entry on Ella’s closet, and I already have an updated picture. With all this sewing and pillow stuffing  I managed to squeeze this all in.

I have thought long and hard about what shape/color decals I wanted to do, but I just ended up making triangles. I’ve seen a few triangle walls in the past, so I take absolutely no credit for this idea. They’re easy to make, cute, and super subtle, so why not?

All I did was cut out a million triangles (actually about 50) and painted each and every one of them pink… Well, about 3/4 of the way through my process, it actually occurred to me that it would have been SO much easier if I would have just painted the paper before I cut out the triangles.. but you live and you learn, am I right?


I only ended up putting the decals on the side walls because I made an entire wall of them in her room. I’m in the works of making and adding more decorations to this wall, but I promise there will be a post next week at the latest! So if you care to see it, keep on the lookout!

End Note: My living room needs a makeover so I’ll be posting some more furniture projects coming up here soon. I know quite a few people enjoyed my office space post, so definitely keep an eye out for these in the near future!


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