Ella’s Closet


Before I begin, I want to explain what this closet looked like before I started working on it. I simply have to say that it was just a basic closet with plain white bi-fold doors. I didn’t happen to take a before picture, but I’ll tell you that it was eerily similar to any apartment closet I’ve ever seen. So now that you have a pretty good idea of how it all started, I’ll start by sharing my process.

My first step was taking the closet doors off, after doing this, it completely opened the room up and ideas started racing in my head. I never had a solid plan while doing this, so these ideas are what I relied on to make this thing come to life.. The next thing I knew that had to be done was more space for clothes. Baby clothes are tiny and take up the smallest amount of space. Imagine looking into a closet seeing baby clothes hanging above a ton of wasted space, it’s painful to look at! My solution was cheaper, and easier to assemble than any closet organizer you can find in store. It didn’t cost me anything, but if you choose to go out and buy the two items I used, it will still cost next to nothing.


I had these pipes from a broken plastic drying rack that I refused to throw away, typical. I promise that I’m not an excessive hoarder, I really try to find a use for everything I save. Anyway, I took my trusty twine and fed it through the pipe, and then tied it to the existing bar in her closet. The pipes I had were made in 2 different lengths, only just a few inches difference… It just set it off little bit to make it look great. I also made one bar a little higher than the other, and that also helped with personality. These pipes are available at Menards, Lowe’s and The Home Depot for a low price, don’t mark my word, but I believe they are under a dollar each. I do suggest measuring your closet before purchasing the pipes so you know they will both fit nice. The twine of course can be purchased at just about any convenience or craft store if you don’t have it handy already.

The flower border was a part of my baby shower decor, each one was made with tissue paper. I used pink tissue paper for the outside petals, and pink and white polka dots in the middle. I will spare myself a lot of time by saying that there are a ton of videos online explaining how to make them!

If you look at the very top of the closet, you’ll see a bunny wall hanger I purchased at Target. I believe it was for Easter, but I really think it works great for all spring and summer! I tacked this up behind the closet wall so it would hide the sticky pads I used to hang it.

I actually purchased the 4 mini cups at goodwill! My daughter has no use for them right now, but I was really excited for the find. They’re the cutest shade of pink, and best of all, plain. It’s all too often that I see toys that could be cute if they didn’t have cheesy designs all over them. So needless to say, I snatched them right up. They’ll be used as decor and such until shes old enough to play with them, maybe another year or so!

Other pictured:

Mint Mirror: Originally brown, I painted this mirror a solid mint green.

E in closet: I purchased this at Walmart, it was just one of those plain letters that you can paint. I simply used painters tape to make the mint green and white stripes.

“You are my winner”: This plaque was made from complete scratch. I used cardboard for the backing, white sketch paper, and yarn for the hanger. The bottom actually has small hanging pieces of fabric. This piece is a blog post in itself. If anyone is actually interested, I would make a separate post on these wall plaques.

Bunny silhouette plaque: The plaque itself I purchased at Micheal’s craft store. I used acrylic paint for the silhouette design.

Doll painting: (located under silhouette plaque) This was a crochet doll designed by Kikalite in which I used watercolor paints to recreate.

Large LED E Light: Purchased at Joann fabric.

Shelf: This one was actually headed to the garbage when I found it, I decided to take it home with me. I’m a strong believer in “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. I painted the base white, and added dashes of pink and brightest white. This was a quick and easy design that looks really cute in a kid’s room. I used brown ConTact Paper for the shelves themselves. —– YES more ConTact Paper!! 😉

Ukulele: Purchased at Guitar Center. You may be asking why, but she seriously loves to play it already. We actually bought it for our own use, but she has ended up playing with it more than us!

Mini artist’s easel: I purchased this at Joann Fabric for about $3.00 total, and painted it with acrylics.


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