Decorating A Small Wall

When we moved into our new townhome, I was able to start decorating everything the way I wanted. How exciting! With a small budget and next to no money for decorating, I would have to make do with what I had here at home. Not a huge setback because I’m disgustingly used to doing these extremely low-budget projects. I did this project about a month ago and wanted to share with everyone how I was able to make this tiny space more useful.


There is this wall in our new home that I really loved, it is small (about 3 feet wide) and would normally be overlooked. One of my favorite things to do is bring attention to these areas, because it makes the home look bigger, and way more fun to look at! I decided I wanted to make this my sort of “getaway” wall; my own inspiration of travels and dreams. My all-time favorite place in the world is Sarasota, Florida. I was fortunate enough to visit there twice.

So for the wall, I wanted to print off my favorite picture and make it the main focus of the wall. This picture happened to be of a revamped Volkswagen Beetle with beautiful palm trees in the background. My theme suddenly became vintage, and I was more than okay with that. I have a few vintage pieces of furniture in my home already, so this would just tie everything together. I don’t have a specific theme in my home, it ends up just being spontaneous. I have a wild mix of everything in here, you can probably tell from my previous post with the modern table. You’ll get more of an idea as I post more in the future!


I took the picture to Photoshop (totally optional) to give it a little more personality. All that I did was add a basic white border around the edge, just to make the image round. Like I said, if you choose to do something like this, it is an optional step. I printed the picture out on my own computer, with just a plain printer, nothing fancy at all. Next, I went outside and found about 2 handfuls of dead weeds and sticks. I was really excited about this part, because it was what really made everything pop, and it was completely free. I broke off small pieces of the weeds and glued them around the round boarder of the picture. For the frame, I ended up just reusing from one of my middle school pictures.

Next, I took my left over sticks & weeds and made two bundles. I wrapped twine around the middle to keep it all in place, and used nails to hang them on the wall. This was the end to part one of my “tiny wall” project.

I had these super cute mustard yellow clothes pins in my basement. (These clothes pins were given to me by my grandma, but I have seen ones like it at many craft stores). I had been waiting for an excuse to use them, so I figured why not make another picture line? I instantly thought of an old set of my grandma’s Polaroids that I had boxed up in my basement. They were photos of some of her adventures she took in the early 70’s. I figured they would go perfect with the vintage look I had going, and it would be great to put them to good use.

wall hanging

I took twine and tied a secure loop,  and wrapped some around the base of the loop to hide my tie. I actually wound some extra to give it more of a “rope” look. I then measured the approximate length I wanted the hanging to be, and added about an inch or two.  I then took the twine and weaved through each pin hole, knotting each pin an equal distance apart. My original idea was to have it horizontal, but after playing with it a bit, I actually liked it a lot better with the pictures hanging down! After putting the pictures in place, the last thing I did was took a piece of double-sided tape to the last clothes pin on the bottom, just to secure it in place on the wall. This is completely invisible.

All in all, this project was a big success, and I’m really happy with the end look. It ended up costing me the price of the printer ink I used to print off the picture. Other than that, I used other things I had laying around the house (and outside)!


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